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The goal of this web page is to give you easier access to Black Sea Scientific data products, which are being developed in frameworks of the BRIDGE Black Sea project. The BRIDGE-BS project produces and maintains a number of data products, among which are:

  • The BRIDGE-BS database serving the data of Black Sea in-situ observations, particularly, historical data from past R/V surveys and projects; the data generated by national/regional monitoring programmes; the data from BRIDGE-BS R/V surveys, and the time-series data for Pilot Sites,
  • Satellite products,
  • Outputs of and biogeochemical models for Black Sea,
  • Results of statistical analysis.

While the BRIDGE-BS Database is the autonomous data product with its own web interface, the other gridded and tabular data products are served by this ERDDAP server.

The satellite products consist of daily satellite level L3 datasets for Chl-a, KD490 and SST for the period 2000 to 2020. They are subsets of the global NASA/GSFC/OBPG products extracted from the (Ocean Color web portal). The products cover the whole Black Sea area and have a spatial resolution of 4 km. They intended to serve as input for model validation and support the long-term time series analyses. While the access to satellite datasets is provided by this ERDDAP server, also the visualization of Chl-a satellite data is available with the dedicated WEB-GIS application.

The model result datasets include:

  • Test outputs from Black Sea biogeochemical model,
  • Test outputs from Black Sea hydrodynamic model,
  • Test outputs from IPSL climate model for Black Sea.

The access to the data is provided through the ERDDAP data server that gives you a simple, consistent way to download subsets of gridded and tabular scientific datasets in common file formats and make graphs and maps.


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In addition to serving data, ERDDAP has some handy converters:

Acronyms Convert a Common Oceanic/Atmospheric Acronym to/from a Full Name
FIPS County Codes Convert a FIPS County Code to/from a County Name
Interpolate Interpolate Values From Gridded Dataset Values
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ERDDAP has an
FGDC Web Accessible Folder (WAF) with FGDC‑STD‑001‑1998 (external link) metadata files and an
ISO 19115 Web Accessible Folder (WAF) with ISO 19115‑2/19139 (external link) metadata files for all of the geospatial datasets in this ERDDAP.

RESTful Web Services
You can bypass ERDDAP's web pages and use ERDDAP's RESTful web services (for example, for searching for datasets, for downloading data, for making maps) directly from any computer program (for example, Matlab, R, or a program that you write) and even from web pages (via HTML image tags or JavaScript). RESTful Web Services documentation

Other Features

Status The Status web page is a quick way to check the current status/health of this ERDDAP, including a list of datasets which failed to load.
Out-Of-Date Datasets The Out-Of-Date Datasets web page displays a list of near-real-time datasets, ranked by how out-of-date they are.
Subscriptions ERDDAP has an email/URL subscription system so that you can be notified immediately whenever a dataset changes (for example, whenever new data is added to a near-real-time dataset).
Slide Sorter Anyone can use ERDDAP's Slide Sorter to build a personal web page that displays graphs with the latest data (or other images or HTML content), each in its own, draggable slide.
Data Provider Form The Data Provider Form is for people who have data and want it to be served by this ERDDAP. It collects basic information about the dataset and emails it to this ERDDAP's administrator.

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